Travel documents

You must be in possession of a valid national travel document for all foreign travel

Within the European Union you can travel with a valid national identity card or valid national passport respectively.

When travelling outside the European Union possession of a valid national passport and, in certain circumstances, a valid national passport with visa is required or strongly recommended.

Travel documents accepted by Schengen member countries

The European Commission maintains the list of travel documents recognised by the Schengen member countries authorising its bearer to cross external borders and which may be furnished with a visa on its Schengen, Borders & Visas page:

School trips

Information for communities, schools and teachers organising school trips. This list is not exhaustive, but addresses the two most commonly asked questions:


This information is provided with caveats. To confirm the visa requirement or passport validity period, please consult the destination country embassy’s official website.

This information can be obtained from these countries’ diplomatic or consular representations. Most of these representations are located in Brussels. The timescales for obtaining a visa vary considerably. For certain countries it may take more than a month.

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